Monday, March 12, 2012

Introducing The Ladies Of Pillow Talk

Muaah! Hi guys, I'm Claire. Call me and hear my sexy voice as I get naked and nasty while getting you off.  Take a look at some of my favorite toys here.  Call me to hear me use the one you select.


I'm a woman who is very open minded and will talk about anything. I enjoy having hot conversations with others plus learning new things.

Hi I am Princess Aleaha. I am a 25 year old Princess. I love being treated like one. Being spoiled is my main goal in life. Do not get me wrong even thought I can be that sweet little Princess, I can be a demanding Princess! I love to make men do what I want when I want..

I have been in the phone entertainment business over 5 years  and I love it!   I like to get nasty and naughty over the phone with anyone and everyone! I hope we can talk soon!

You need to be very careful to kiss each pretty little pink toe individually if you’re going to have Foot Fetish phone sex with me, silly boys…lol. You have to keep your promise if you want to be a foot slave to me. Now, purse your lips and kiss each toe like it was your last chance ever. If you kiss them sweetly enough, I will let you graduate to sucking each little pinky toe including the big ones…*Giggles* I’m going to hold your head down by resting my other foot on the back of your head as you kneel here and worship my foot. Here, suck on my big toe like you would a cock, since yours is too small for anything. Yes, Little Dick Humiliation phone sex is you, to a Tee!…lolol.

Princess Phone sex is your only chance at a sex life since you are too small to satisfy any girl like me. On the phone, or on your knees, sucking my pretty sexy little toes and smelling my sweaty feet after I take off my strappy summer sandels is what you are good for. With you kneeling like that, face down on my feet and your ass way up in the air like that, I should have one of my well hung boy friends from the gym, slide his nice long cock inside you and sodomize you like the little Sissy Phone sex Fag that you are……HaHaaaaaa, maybe next time, you silly sissy you.